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ABOUT Wardrobe wellness

Wardrobe Wellness is a wardrobe consulting company founded by Akeila Dowdy and based in New York City. It was created as a solution to curate your personal collection using a tailored program based on your preferences, lifestyle needs, as well as other factors.


Wardrobe Wellness is not about minimalism. It is designed to cull your wardrobe into a collection of quality, functional, and beautiful pieces you actually utilize and love - this could mean 50 items or 300. 

Your journey begins with a consultation with Akeila where you will answer a series of questions used to create your unique wardrobe analysis. This analysis determines the approach taken in your in-person session while curating your current collection. The session includes an in-depth wardrobe detox where we identify what pieces to keep, which to remove, and discover what's missing. By the end, not only will you have a wardrobe full of your go-to pieces, but rediscovered ones too!


Trust us, your wallet will thank you later!

- Wardrobe Wellness


How does it work?

  • 25 min

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IMPORTANT: In-person session must be booked within two weeks of the free consultation (NYC RESIDENTS ONLY)