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4 last minute gifts every fashion lover needs

It’s almost Christmas and if you’re anything like us, you’ve waited until the last minute to buy gifts for those special people in your life. They’re so special in fact, that we’re willing to be stressed every year to find the perfect gift for each of them (insert palm face emoji!).

Luckily, Wardrobe Wellness has you covered with four last minute gift ideas for those in your life obsessed with style as much we are. Feel free to also put these on your Christmas list for Old Saint Nick - we’re sure he’ll appreciate most of these are Amazon Prime eligible :)

#1. Fabric shaver: This little machine is a true life saver. It removes those pesky little balls of fabric on our favorite pieces making them look brand new!

(Photo Above: Fabric Shaver)

#2. Clothing Rack: Key to any woman’s sanity. This simple tool is helpful for displaying pre-style outfits and making it easier to get dressed in the morning. You know what they say, preparation is key.

(Photo Above: Boho bamboo-framed clothing rack)

#3. Clothing Steamer: This is definitely an essential! A steamer removes wrinkles quickly and makes any piece look pristine!

(Photo Above: Clothing Steamer)

#4. Wardrobe consulting service: This is a no brainer and we’ve certainly got you here! Wardrobe Wellness provides wardrobe consulting services for those looking to curate their wardrobe with quality, functional, and beautiful pieces.

While it’s come down to the wire, you now have a few last minute gifts up your stocking!

Book a free consultation with Wardrobe Wellness today to get started on achieving your best wardrobe yet:

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