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Style Formula: France

Welcome to the first iteration of Style Formula, a series where we break down what elements make up the distinct style of a particular place, person, or brand. We’re beginning this series with everyone’s dream destination: France.

In any part of the world, the phrase ‘french girl chic’ is universally synonymous with effortless style. French women have an underlying formula they apply to every outfit that makes them known as the most stylish women in the world. Let’s break down each variable you should add (+), subtract (-), or multiply (x) to your own style to achieve theirs.

(+) Flattering Silhouettes

Regardless of the current trend, French women seem to prioritize pieces that complement their current body shape. Instead of fighting against what they naturally have, they highlight what they love by choosing flattering silhouettes. Once they find what works, they rarely deter from it.

(-) Over the top-ness

Doing anything over the top goes against the very foundation of French style - less is more. It’s an art that is mastered by the time they reach drinking age. French women highly value looking good without looking like they put in too much effort in (even if they have). It’s this approach that has made their style universally renowned.

(+) Delicate Details

Adding small, dainty details is quite a favorite trend among our French friends. Stacking various coin necklaces, adding different sized hoops throughout the ear, and wearing scarves in a number of ways are used to inject an interesting component to any outfit.

(-) Excess, Visible Labels

A little mystery goes a long way. Not just in general, but when it comes to publicizing what brands they're wearing. It’s rare to see a French woman wear an excessive amount of labels on her sleeves, or anywhere else for that matter. If she does, it’s incorporated in a way to not draw attention away from the overall ensemble.

(x) Easy Color Palette

Part of having a wardrobe that makes you always look put together is knowing what looks unequivocally good on you. French women have a go-to color palette - one they know looks good on them no matter what. This doesn’t mean having a wardrobe full of only neutrals, but colors that compliment their skin tone, eye color, and hair shade.

This formula equals out to an effortlessly, chic style known to the entire world as ‘French girl chic.’

For more style and fashion articles visit the Wardrobe Wellness blog and for more French girl style inspiration, visit our Style Formula France Pinterest board.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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