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Style Formula: Zoë Kravitz

Continuing one of our favorite series, Style Formula, we break down the style elements of one of our favorite fashion icons - Zoë Kravitz. This multi-talented beauty does not disappoint in the style department and based on her legendary genes, it comes as no surprise. With her care-free, bad-ass attitude wrapped in a petite frame, it’s safe to say that Zoë Kravitz is an entire vibe. Let's delve into what makes the High Fidelity star's style so intriguing, shall we?

(+) Oversized T-shirts

With an overall cool and casual vibe, it's no surprise the foundation of Zoë’s wardrobe seems to be t-shirts - particularly oversized, crewneck ones that feature a print. Worn untucked and styled with jeans, she definitely has a uniform when it comes to her everyday style.

(-) Structure

It's pretty safe to say that pieces with no movement are few and far between in Zoë's wardrobe. Loose and flowy are her silhouettes of choice. While most people balance flowy pieces with more form-fitting ones in the same outfit, Zoë prefers this fit throughout the entire outfit.

(+) Muted color palette

Usually staying within a neutral color range, incorporating pops of color is typically done using muted tones that fit within her overall palette. Forest greens, mustard yellows, and rust oranges are amongst the colors paired with her more neutral pieces.

(-) Sky High heels

It’s very rare to see Zoë rocking high stiletto heels. Her footwear of choice is usually flats, or a short chunky heel. This is a consistent element in her outfits no matter what she's wearing. Being comfortable doesn't fight against her style, but is part of what makes work.

(x) 90s rock edge

You can always find an ode to the 90s in Zoë's style. It leans on the edgy, rocker side that's reminiscent of her parents' style at that time - so it's definitely hereditary. The oversized jean jacket, chunky boots, and bad-ass aura are all welcome throwbacks to an era we love!

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